„I think that publishers and media organisations are sitting on untapped goldmines of information“, says Tom Betts, Financial Times UK

Anlässlich unserer 5. Paid Content-Konferenz: Wenn der Kunde gerne zahlt…Mehr Zahlungsbereitschaft für Digital Content am 17.09. haben wir Tom Betts, Head of Web Analytics, zur Paid-Content-Strategie der Financial Times UK interviewt.


1. What does paid content mean to the FT and why is it important?


The FT is successfully complementing and reinforcing the traditional ‘bBetts,Tom_130806ig engines’ of print advertising and circulation revenue with new digital channels and sales of content. Measuring the health of our brand and business against our print and digital audience, we find our business more resilient, sustainable and increasingly profitable. This also means we have the resources and confidence to invest in our award-winning content and journalism, ensuring that the FT will stay the must-read source for global business news and commentary for its global audience. Weiterlesen