SIPA Munich 2012: Helping you give your customer the content they need… in a format they demand… at a price they will pay

Presentation Highlights SIPA Munich: Meg Hargreaves, Senior Vice President & Publisher, Federal Legislative Services, CQ Roll Call

At SIPA Munich 2012, taking place March 28-30, the accent will be on the customer—as in helping you give your customer the content they need… in a format they demand… at a price they will pay.Meg Hargreaves
No presenter will exemplify this more than Meg Hargreaves, senior vice president & publisher, federal legislative services, for CQ Roll Call in Washington, D.C. Her presentation will focus on a recent CQ Roll Call product development initiative to “better meet high-level, end-user needs and drive new revenue from new customers.” It began with the strategic premise that Washington policy makers and those that try to influence them crave focused, accurate quality news and policymaking content covering specific topics. But they already are on information overload. That’s a fine line. Weiterlesen

“It’s an environment where you are really hearing about global trends in niche publishing”– Ein Hintergrund-Artikel zur internationalen Fachverlagskonferenz SIPA Munich 2012 vom 28.-30.03.2012

Andy McLaughlin

Paywalls have become a huge issue for specialized information companies – for all media companies, really. At SIPA Munich on March 29, Joris van Lierop of the leading Dutch financial newspaper, FD Mediagroep, will tell how they successfully introduced a paywall model in June and show data from the launch.

In addition, van Lierop, who also spent seven years with Wolters Kluwer, will speak about the development of sustainable business models for high quality content. Will people pay for news? In this case, yes they will. Weiterlesen